Web Design

With over 17 years’ experience, we know that successful web design needs to be unique to your business and targeted to your customers. For that reason, no two designs that we create are the same – we work closely with you to ensure that the finished product reflects your brand and your goals. 

Appealing Online Presence

Attractive Design

Creating an online presence that encourages potential customers to stay and browse is the result of two things - easy navigation and attractive design that represents your brand. We're the experts in both!

Effective Graphics

Whether you're choosing photography or carefully designed graphics, it's important to remember the old saying: a picture speaks a thousand words. Our photography service coupled with custom illustration is the ideal choice.

User Engagement

Creating an engagement user experience (or UX) is key to ensuring your customers can easily navigate your website, converting your leads to clicks. We believe that an engaging UX can be achieved through a combination of detailed planning and smart website design. By working closely with our customers and our web designers, we create sites and strategies that attract and holds the attention of your visitors, allowing them to engage with your calls-to-action and take the next step. There are many factors of your web design that can impact the user engagement, including: layout, presentation of content, ease of navigation, and accessibility.

Responsive Design

In this day and age, a responsive design is critical for retaining visitors to your website. By this we mean creating a website that is easy to navigate, regardless of whether it’s being accessed on a desktop, tablet or, as is increasingly likely, mobile phone. It’s important to understand that your customers used different technology throughout the day, and your website should reflect that!

eCommerce Sites

Take your online platform to the next level by creating a retail space without the shopfront. We’re skilled and experienced in creating engaging shopping experiences through Magento shopping carts, allowing you to sell products at all hours of the day. With the aid of online booking forms, order management and promotional discounts, you can take advantage of everything that a well-designed e-commerce system has to offer. 



How do I translate clicks to leads? 

Through engaging designs and well-written content, you can bring customers to your website and ensure they can easily navigate their way to the information they are looking for. However, to increase your leads, it’s important that your website has ‘Calls to Action’ used throughout. This could be a ‘Buy Now’ button, a phone number, an inquiry form, or anything that encourages potential customers to take the next step. 

Why is an attractive design necessary? 

You could have the most well-written, informative content in the world, but if your web design isn’t up to your customers standards, then they won’t remain on your site long enough to learn more about your products or services. The site should be easy to navigate and well presented, with attractive graphics and content that is easy to skim read.