Digital Strategy & Planning

Creating an effective digital strategy is one of the most important your project. This will determine the aspects of your website and marketing campaign that you focus on, what needs to be improved and what needs to be completely redesigned. This is done at the start of our journey together, and we will continue to reflect and adjust as your business grows. 

Stand Out from the Crowd

Continuos Monitoring

Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of any business strategy - online or otherwise. Through constant monitoring, we can implement changes, and track their real time results and outcomes.

Custom Planning

We know that your business is completely unique, which is why our digital strategies are custom made specifically for you. This way, we can work with you to offer the best chance of success within your industry.

Assess your Business  

Before we can develop a digital strategy that is unique to your business, we need to understand more about your company and your goals. Once we know what you’re trying to achieve, we can design a website and complementary campaigns around this – the alternative is hoping a one-size-fits all model will work for your brand, which is rarely the case. 

Research your Market

Once we learn more about your business, it’s important that we understand your industry as well! We take the time to thoroughly research your competitors, allowing us to learn more about what your customers do and don’t respond to – and ensuring your digital presence stands out from the crowd. We want your audience to be engaged as well as informed; which is why we pride ourselves on delivering experiences, rather than simply messages.   

Choose your Channels

To ensure we reach your audiences in the right way, at the right time, we work with you to choose a combination of digital activities and channels that will offer the maximum chance of success. We will draw on our knowledge of your processes and our understanding of your industry to ensure your digital efforts are aligning and you’re getting the best possible start from the get-go.  

Create and Engage

Lastly, once we’re confident that we’ve designed the best approach for your business, it’s time to bring these ideas to life! We develop a digital strategy that is in line with your goals, statement of purpose and budget. We also outline the steps we will take to help you reach your goals, and how we will measure your success as we progress. Depending on your organisation, implementation can be immediate. 



What parts of my project will be considered in my strategy? 

All of them! When we’re planning your digital strategy, we will look at each and every aspect of your online presence, advertising and traditional branding to design a strategy that is targeted to increase your chances of success. This includes your eCommerce shopping platform (if it applies), your social media campaigns, your SEO content and your web design as well!  

Why is it important that we continue to monitor my strategy? 

Whilst it would be lovely if everything worked perfectly the first time, we may need to tweak certain aspects of your strategy as we go. Whether this is your content or key words, your social media or your site navigation is dependent on how your customers react – which is why we track and measure every interaction, allowing us to make changes as necessary.