Digital Marketing

To ensure your business is seen by the people who matter, a digital marketing strategy is a must! This can be achieved in a whole host of ways, and we will work with you to uncover the combination of techniques that will work with your brand and your audiences. With a clever blend of search engine optimisation, social media, informative copywriting, attractive photography, and of course, analytics to monitor the solutions that work best for you, our experienced team will help your business put its best foot forward. 

Creating a Presence

Online Platforms

If you want to reach a wide audience at the push of a button, then you need to consider targeted social media campaigs. Our mobile first designs ensure your branding can be seen anywhere, at any time.


Gone are the days of posting out product information - cut down on costs by replacing traditional newsletters with a forward thinking online alternative. With clickable links and moving graphics, they are the ideal choice.

Search Optimisation and Copy Writing 

We think search engine optimisation (SEO) and copywriting go hand in hand, which is why we work with you to craft interesting content that will answer all of your customers questions, as well as improve your ratings on google. By working carefully selected key words into your content – especially local SEO specific to the region you’re targeting – we can increase the chances of your business being found on the internet through random searching. Let’s face it, if you’re not on the first page of the major search engines, then your competitors will be. 

Social Media

Creating a social media strategy that works is key for increasing your client base – after all, if your customers don’t know you exist, how will you grow your business? We will work with you to determine whether you should direct your efforts toward Facebook or Instagram, and create photography, artwork and captions to complement your brand!  


To ensure you know exactly what strategies are working – and which ones you need to tweak – we recommend including analytics in your digital marketing campaign. Whether you’ve invested heavily in social media, you’ve just started a new pay-per-clicks (PPC) campaign or you’ve sent out an e-newsletter to your clients and potential customers, you can view the effects in real time and adjust your approach as needed. We can set up key performance indicators on your dashboard, so your results are never more than a click away! Armed with these insights, you can make informed decisions about the direction of your digital marketing campaigns and invest in the methods that are proving the most successful.  


Whether you’re looking for photography for your website or your social media accounts, our in-house photographer can help capture the essence of your business. We specialise in product photos, staff profile photos and in-situ photos of your business, service and products. In short, whatever photography you’re looking for, we can provide! 



What sort of information will I learn 

Through our analytics software, you’ll learn where your primary leads are being generated from and how your website visitors are engaging with your site. You’ll learn when your busy periods are and whether you’re reaching your goal conversions. In short, if it can be tracked, Zeemo will track it!  

How will this help with advertising? 

As you’re receiving real time results, you can measure how effective your advertising campaign is. For instance, is your website getting more visits following your radio advert? Are you receiving more leads following a social media promotion? If you’re spending money on advertising, we think it’s important that you know if it’s working!