Creating a clear, cohesive and professional appearance across all of your platforms – both online and in-person – is key to crafting lasting impressions that ensure instant recognition. This is the first thing that new customers will see, and provides the basis for the first impressions that you can never recreate! Luckily, at Zeemo, we’re experienced in all aspects of branding so you can put your best foot forward. 

Make First Impressions Count

Traditional Methods

Our branding expertise extends beyond the computer screen - we offer a range of branding strategies, including local signage and business cards - allowing people to quickly identify your workplace and employees. 

Modern Twist

Create a cohesive brand across your entire business - online included - by implementing a easily visable presence on your website, social media platforms, email, and eNewsletters. 

Branding Solutions  

When most people think of branding, they think of their business logo – however, they are actually far more to it than that! In addition to designing (or redesigning) your logo, we offer a whole host of services to ensure you stand out from the crowd. This includes business name concepts, business cards, brochures and presentations, and stationary, such as custom personalised pens and notepads. Of course, digital branding is just as important, which is why we offer email marketing templates, web design and social networking. We’ll even help plan brand launches and functions! 

Creating a Competitive Edge

With competition within industries and regions a common part of business ownership, it’s standing out from the crowd that is key to creating a competitive edge. We can help your brand find it’s advantage by seamlessly integrating your entire marketing effort. In ensuring your communications (whether it’s a single email or an entire social media campaign) are presented in a similar, unified tone, you can reinforce your brands image. By partnering with Zeemo, you can be confident that your business will be presented in the best light, every time it’s seen.   

Marketing Strategy

Incorporating your branding into your marketing strategy will be at the forefront of everything we create. When designing and developing your website and crafting a clear marketing message, it’s important that these end results aren’t just functionable and attractive – they also need to clearly represent your brand. We will work with you to change and improve your current strategy to help you in attracting and retaining customers. 


Why is clear branding important? 

Your branding is the first thing potential customers connect with when they are introduced to your business – whether it’s your physical façade, business cards or brochure, or your digital website, social media page or e-newsletter. Creating a cohesive appearance across all of these platforms sends a clear message that you’re a professional company who takes care in every aspect of what they do. It also allows clients to quickly and easily recognise your business when they are next exposed to your branding.